Summer Games Fest Will Be Streaming Live To Imax Theaters

Without actually being at the show itself, this might be the next best thing.

You can watch Summer Games Fest, and The Game Awards later this year, via all major streams including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook. There will also be select partner streams that will host additional content as well. Or you can head to Imax and watch the show on June 9th live with some friends. The Game Awards will also be hosted live in Imax later in the year.

Summer Game Fest includes a variety of streams from developers to announce the future of gaming. One of them includes the Xbox Showcase in June.

Last year Summer Game Fest was a bit more exciting that a rather dull E3, and it included the surprise of Elden Ring among some other announcements like the Directors Cut of Death Stranding. There are many rumors of what will appear this year, but nothing remotely confirmed as of yet.

Day of the dev will be featured June 9th as well, and recently the indie showcase featured games such as Soup Pot, A Musical Story, Axiom Verge 2, Behind the Frame, Death’s Door, Garden Story, Last Stop and TOEM.

You can hang around here at Cinelinx as the story continues.

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