The 3 Best Horror Games To Buy During The PlayStation Halloween Sale


The Halloween sale kicked off on PlayStation, and shocktober on Xbox, with a lot of horror inspired titles on sale now. If you can shuffle through what seems like endless Dead By Daylight DLC, you can actually find some really good content. So we picked out 3 titles you should check out this Halloween. 

MADiSON (30 (35 PS Plus) percent discount, $24.99) 

MADiSON has gotten my praise in every way I can explain it. It made our must play horror list, I gave it a raving review, and I just can’t get over how perfectly done this game was. If you want a horror experience, MADiSON is THE experience and it has a really good discount for Halloween. The game is only a few months old and to see it already with this good of a discount is pretty awesome. That Blue Knee’s song is still stuck in my head! 

Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel  (25 percent discount, $22.49)

Another newer game on this list, Fobia takes the talent of Resident Evil and creates a whole new experience in the same vein. Exploring the hotel in Fobia reminds you of the early Resident Evil titles, but everything is done so well that you quickly just start to appreciate the game itself. The horror aspect is intensified with the extremely limited inventory, so shooting enemies is often not the best choice, and running away with little to no health is always frightening. Combine old school mechanics with great puzzle’s and you will be occupied all day. 

Visage ( 45 percent discount, $19) 

Note, buy the “PS4” version since it is discounted and has a free upgrade to PS5. 

This game seriously gets all the same praise I give MADiSON because it is a masterclass in horror. Visage does literally everything you expect from horror absolutely perfectly, and has 3 intertwining stories to keep you going. Exploring the initial house is just as haunting, if not more haunting, than the hallways in P.T. I have truly never been more scared while playing a game, and it is seriously outright fun to try to figure out the puzzles while the several in game stress mechanics are slowly creeping up on you. All the sound effects, the jump scares, and the gruesome unforgiving visuals really push boundaries I didn’t expect. 

Overall the Halloween sale has a ton of great games to check out, and I believe our entire list of horror games you should play is also on sale. We picked these 3 because they are just pure outright horror, so if you feel like being scared be sure to check them out. Now if we could just ask Sony for a “Dead By Daylight Filter” so we didn’t have to shuffle through pages of DLC to find these games……

And no, sadly we are not cool enough to be sponsored for this post, we just enjoyed the games!

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