The Settlers Reboot Gets a March Release Date

Ubisoft has announced the upcoming reboot of the classic RTS franchise, The Settlers, now has a release date; plus a new trailer!

2022 looks like it could be another great year for strategy/RTS games which is fantastic (though not for my time management). Today, Ubisoft has revealed exactly when gamers will be able to get in on one of the year’s earliest RTS titles, The Settlers. The upcoming reboot of the franchise will hit PCs on March 17th, with a closed beta coming on January 20th.

Developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf, The Settlers returns as a reboot mostly inspired by The Settlers III and The Settlers IV, two of the most popular games in the franchise. Players can expect a fresh take on the new The Settlers. Built from the ground up using Ubisoft’s proprietary Snowdrop Engine, The Settlers sets a new visual benchmark in the RTS game genre. Traditional and new players will experience lush and colorful environmental biomes, as well as modernized gameplay. Players can enjoy The Settlers in one of three game modes: single-player campaign, Skirmish (solo vs. AI, co-op vs. AI or PvP featuring up to eight players) and Onslaught, where players can experience Skirmish maps solo, but with challenging conditions.

In The Settlers, the Elari (one of the factions in the game) are forced to flee from their homeland and must settle on new and unknown lands. Adventure awaits as The Settlers come across other citizens and face tough challenges on their journey. There are a total of three playable factions in The Settlers, each with a unique look, playstyle and respective background story.

Will you be playing The Settlers on March 17th?

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