Voice Cast Revealed for Upcoming Game ‘Still Wakes the Deep’

The full voice cast for Still Wakes the Deep has been revealed.

Award-winning developer The Chinese Room and publisher Secret Mode have revealed the voice talent that will be bringing to life their upcoming narrative horror game, Still Wakes the Deep, in a new behind the scenes mini documentary. The game is currently scheduled to launch on June 18, 2024.

Leading the cast as main character Cameron “Caz” McLeary is Alec Newman, an accomplished Glaswegian actor with a long history of video game performances. Cyberpunk 2077 fans may recognise him as the voice behind Adam Smasher in both the game and anime.

“The thing was so well written, and so well-conceived, that I don’t recall having very long conversations about what Caz should sound like,” says Newman in the mini documentary, discussing what struck him about Still Wakes the Deep. “With this, you can feel the writing, you can feel the characters.”

The full voice cast can be found below:

  • Alec Newman as Caz
  • Neve McIntosh as Suze
  • Karen Dunbar
  • Michael Abubakar
  • Clive Russell
  • Shaun Dooley
  • Stewart Scudamore
  • Nicholas Boulton
  • Duncan Pow
  • Sandy Batchelor
  • Alan Turkington
  • Noof Ousellam

What do you think of the full voice cast for Still Wakes the Deep?

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