Watch 30 Minutes of The Quarry Gameplay

2K and Supermassive Games have released the prologue for the upcoming survival horror game, The Quarry, giving us our first look at gameplay.

Prepare your eyeballs for terror with the first 30 minutes of The Quarry:

During the prologue of The Quarry, teenage camp counselors Laura (Siobhan Williams) and her boyfriend Max (Skyler Gisondo) drive to Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp one night earlier than they were scheduled to arrive. Things do not go as planned.

This first look at gameplay sets the stage for the harrowing events that follow, giving you just a taste of what’s in store. Unimaginable choices await you as the other counselors of Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp struggle to survive an unpredictable night of horror.

The Quarry hits PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Consoles, and PCs on June 10, 2022.

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