BREAKING NEWS – Disney buys Mattel and Hasbro for 4 Billion [Update]

[Editor’s Note: We hope you all had a great April Fool’s Day!  We’ll be back to reporting on regular (and factual news), but we thought we’d get in on the fun this year along with other sites!]

The reported cost is well over four billion for both companies. It’s not clear if thats four billion in cash or a mix of options like the Nintendo deal.

“We are thrilled to have two more amazing companies as part of the Disney family”, said Disney representative Yinsid Walters.

Now that Disney owns such beloved toy lines like GI Joe, Transformers, Barbie and Masters of the Universe, what do they plan to do with them? Keep in mind that some of the biggest lines in these two companies currently are already Disney properties. This could be their way in solidifying everything under one roof. The sheer cost of cutting out the middleman might have been the ultimate reasoning behind this.

Please stay glued to Cinelinx for coverage of what seems to be a very big shopping day for Disney.

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