Bandai Namco Releases Collectibles to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of ‘Princess Mononoke’

As Princess Mononoke celebrates its 25th anniversary, Bandai Namco is releasing some cool collectibles to celebrate.

2022 marks the 25th anniversary year of the beloved Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke and to help celebrate the occasion, Bandai Namco is working with Collectibles America to release some special merchandise to celebrate this beloved film.

Check out these cool products below:

Desk Clock: This clock features San’s iconic mask laying in the grass with her dagger with a kodama, tree spirit, resting upon her mask

MSRP: $55.00

Availability: and

Playing Cards: Each card features a unique scene from the movie, following the sequence of the story. Movie poster art is used for the joker.

MSRP: $12.00


Puzzle: Artboard Puzzle with design inspired by the Japanese movie poster for Princess Mononoke. Plastic puzzle emulates the look of an Artboard Canvas Print. Pieces hold together on their own. No glue or frame necessary. 366 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Measures 307 x 237 x 21 mm (when built).

MSRP: $37.00

Availability: and

Will you be getting any of these products to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Princess Mononoke?

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