Cinelinx’s Fan Art Friday – #1

Every week on Cinelinx we’ll be hosting Fan Art Friday, an opportunity for artists passionate about movies or video games to showcase their artwork and have it been seen by people who would appreciate it the most: fellow nerds!  So if you, or someone you know, has art you’d like featured on Fridays be sure to send us your pieces to [email protected] with a link to more!  

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke by Michael See

Mass Effect

Mass Effect by Lizzy John


Desolation of Smaug by Maricay Smeenk


Godzilla by Steven Sims

Caesar by Max Grecke

Indy Jones

Indiana Jones by Molly


Mortal Kombat’s Smoke by Sergey


Assassin’s Creed by Duff


Bayonetta by Vincent Vernacatola


Ninja Turtles Style TFGP by Mike Petty

That wraps up it for this week’s Fan Art Friday, but don’t worry, more is coming!  Tell us what your favorites are, check out their other work and, of course, be sure to send us more. 


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