Warcraft Movie: Images reveal title logo and awesome weapons!

Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie is expected to be released in 2016. Not only will the Film be an adaptation of a much loved games series which has been with us for over a decade, it confronts that modern-age-old question; can a game be translated well to film?

With all that in mind, I feasted my eyes on these images and felt they perhaps offered promise that the movie adaptation would affectionately reference the games.

SDCC14-Warcraft Weapons

In the first shot we can see a mace, a sword and a shield on display. The mace closely resembles the “Doomhammer”, which was passed down through Orcish generations and is currently wielded by World of Warcraft’s Thrall.


The second image offers us a closer look at the sword and shield. The shield resembles the centrepiece for the Alliance crest. The sword is perhaps custom made, it does not acutely resemble any obvious swords in Warcraft lore, which would make sense if it were to be wielded by a character of little prominence, like a soldier or mercenary.

Many gamers seem to remain cynical over whether the Wacraft movie will be able to do the games justice, but as a long time Warcraft/General Blizzard fan myself, I got pretty excited over this pictures and can’t wait to see what else they have to show us.

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