First Look at Rogue One Toys Revealed in New Short

Lucasfilm wants to show off the brand new batch of Star Wars toys that fans, kids, and collectors will be able to get their hands-on come September 30th.  That date marks the global launch of the new line-up of toys, and this morning we’ve been given our first look at them.  The official Star Wars site has debuted the first episode in a series of stop-motion animated shorts, featuring the new toys from Rogue One:

While there’s still more to come, the video also helps promote a new contest (also launching on September 30th) for fans to create their own Rogue One short.  More details can be found on their site, but we’ll expect to hear more when the contest formally launches.  

If that video didn’t show off enough toy action for you, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, and Yahoo each got their hands on some exclusive images of some toys themselves for you to gawk at: 

{gallery}Rogue One Toys{/gallery} 

One of the biggest problems fans had with the launch of The Force Awakens toys, was the severe lack of female products.  This was especially consternating as the film’s lead was obviously female.  This time around Jyn Erso seems to be a higher priority and given a much wider assortment of collectibles to pick up. 

Which of these are you looking forward to picking up most?  I know my wallet is already crying, and there’s still more to reveal!  

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16, 2016


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