Funko Releases Huge Lineup of Power Rangers Collectibles

Over the years, the Funko brand has been synonimous with the phrase, “Just take my money!”.  The reason?  Years of nostalgic depictions of franchises on their iconic Funko Pop! figures.  Now, with the Power Rangers reboot on the horizon, Funko is getting in on the fun by releasing a new line of Pop!s, Dorbz, Pint Size Heroes, and Pen Toppers!  Check them out below and where you can get exclusive figures!

Funko Pop! unnamed 42unnamed 43

unnamed 27

Hot Topic Exclusives unnamed 26

unnamed 25

These Funko Pop!s will be releasing this December!

Dorbz: Power Rangersunnamed 34unnamed 35unnamed 36unnamed 37unnamed 38unnamed 39

unnamed 33

Wal-Mart Exclusive

unnamed 32

unnamed 31

Toys ‘R Us Exclusive

unnamed 30

Coming January!

Pint Size Heroes: Power Rangers

unnamed 28

Coming January!

Pen Toppers: Power Rangers

unnamed 29

Coming January!

There you have it!  Funko’s line of Power Rangers collectibles releasing over the next couple of months.  Are you excited to add these to your collection as much as we are?  Sound off below!

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