Geek Pick of the Week: Fan Jackets

Pop culture has blessed us with a wealth of cool toys, gadgets, and various other collectibles.  With geek culture no longer being in the shadows (or basement), the amount of cool things out there to bring into our homes has increased exponentially.  There’s always something neat on the horizon to show off your fandom pride, and our Item of the Week feature is going to highlight some of those that you may not know about, or are just too cool to not share.  

This week, Fan Jackets was kind enough to shoot us one of their new jacket/hoodies to try out.  With Fall finally upon us, this seems like the perfect attire to show off your geeky side while staying warm…and let me tell you, these will keep you warm.  

N7 hoodie 480x600 

They were kind enough to send me their Mass Effect themed, N7 zip-up, and on top of looking sleek, it’s ridiculously comfortable.  Seriously, the material they use to craft these things is super soft (almost like the material baby blankets are made out of) on both the inside and out.  I’ve been having to pry my girlfriend away from it because she loves how comfy the fabric is. 

More so the design is spot on.  It distinctly shows off the geek elements without feeling obtrusive or over the top.  This will easily blend in with whatever else you’re wearing without you sticking out like a sore thumb in the crowd.  While this design is a little more low-key than some of the others they offer, none of them feel too excessive.  Combine these cool designs with the comfort factor, and you have a great new geeky accessory to add to your closet.  

If you want to snag your own N7 jacket (like mine), or pick up a different comfy hoodie, be sure to check out their new Superhero section for all your pop culture needs!