Geek Pick of the Week: Sci-Fi A Movie Top Score Game

You know we love our movie card games here at Cinelinx, and the latest one from LK seeks to put your knowledge of geeky sci-fi to the test. Here’s their description of it: 

People of earth, prepare yourselves for the ultimate showdown of classic sci-fi films. Who has the best special effects – Avatar or Gravity? Who has the biggest cult following – The Matrix or ET?  Which film best predicted the future – Blade Runner or 2001: Space Odyssey? Journey to a land far, far away with this set of 32 intergalactic trump cards.

LK was kind enough to shoot me a deck to play with, and I’m really digging it. While the game limits itself to the science fiction movie genre, it runs the gamut from recent releases to iconic sci-fi films from days of yore. The gameplay itself is simplistic, making it easy to get into, but the true test is the knowledge you bring to it. 


Easily my favorite part of the deck is the artwork on the cards. They bring excellent represenations from these classic films that are both instantly recognizable, while maintaining its own individual style. In short, even if you’re done playing the game (or can’t find anyone else willing to play with you), you’re still left with a pretty set of artwork based on some amazing science fiction films.  

If you want to snag a deck for yourself, you can pick it up for only $10 over on the Laurence King website


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