Watch Us Build The Last Jedi’s LEGO AT-ST

I love building LEGO sets and I love Star Wars…as such, I’ve been loving the awesome sets that have been released over the last few years on the new films. I’ve done a number of reviews for some incredible sets, but today, I’m doing something a bit different.

I’m going to show you (very quickly) my build of the First Order AT-ST from The Last Jedi. The set launched after the film’s release, in this golden window before we start getting sets/toys from Solo: A Star Wars Story…and it’s a lot of fun. Check out the build: 

One of my favorite things about this set, and most modern LEGOs, is the built in mechanical functions. The AT-ST features a nob on the back (that you build) that allows you to rotate the “head” of the walker, allowing you to move the guns around and fire. While it’s certainly nothing new, the level of detail is always impressive, and the added play function gives it some great longevity. The minifigs are great, giving us Finn and Rose in First Order uniform, and I’m always happy to get another adorable BB-8 in my collection.  


Between the play functionality and how great it looks (being a vehicle, the lack of a base isn’t a big deal), this is an ideal set to pick up for both collectors and kids alike. I hope you enjoyed checking out my speed build, and if you did be sure to like the video to let me know, so we can get more of them coming your way!


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