Gentle Giant Reveals New Holiday Edition Jumbo R2-D2

Gentle Giant has one more holiday reveal in store for Star Wars collectors, so they can get a jumpstart on their 2024 Christmas lists.

As we hurtle towards Christmas and the upcoming New Year, the folks over at Gentle Giant LTD are giving collectors a look ahead to an exclusive goody they can use for next year’s holiday decor. Today, they’ve revealed (and opened pre-orders for) a new Jumbo scale R2-D2 figure, complete with Santa hat and Christmas lights!

Considering I’m a sucker for Star Wars Christmas themed stuff (see above), I’m definitely all ready for this one and eager to add it to my decorations for next year. Also, these Jumbo figs are always kinda neat.

This Jumbo 12”-scale R2-D2 is based on the vintage R2-D2 figure from the 1970s, and wears a removable Santa hat and a string of multicolored Christmas lights. Standing approximately 6.5 inches tall, he comes packaged on a full-color, holiday-themed cardback inside a resealable blister. Also included is a collectible Power of the Force coin!

This Holiday Edition R2-D2 Jumbo figure is super limited edition, with a run of only 500 pieces, and can only be snagged directly through Gentle Giant’s website. Pre-orders are live now with a Spring 2024 shipping date expected!

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