Hands-On With Arcade1Up’s Rampage Cabinet (Video Review)

When it comes to decking out a “game room” in your home, what’s the one thing most everyone (even non-gamers) instantly think of? Arcade machines! Over the last couple months Arcade1Up has released a line of brand new arcade cabinets designed to be more consumer friendly, allowing everyone the chance to bring some classic action into their homes. 

They aren’t the first company to try and do so, but after getting some time with the Rampage unit they kindly sent my way for review, I can definitely say these are among the best you’re going to find. Check out my full thoughts on the arcade via my video review: 

There are a number of things that stuck out to me most while playing on this cabinet. Namely, the satisfying mechnical click of the controls and how smoothly it all operates. It definitely delivers on the arcade experience you’re looking for, even if the smaller scale makes multi-player games a bit more cramped. If you’re looking to snag one of your own, there are a variety of options to choose from over on their OFFICIAL SITE, but you can find many of them in major retail stores now. 


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Jordan Maison
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