Hasbro Announces Transformers Roll Out Album

So if you’ve never heard the original soundtrack to the classic Transformers movie you’re missing out. Seriously in an age of big hair and sick guitar riffs that make you want to do a montage of training this album was awesome. I admittedly in my car will still belt out YOU GOT THE TOUCH as loud as I can. It’s about time that someone decided that it’s been too long so here come Transformers Roll Out. And honestly as I sit here listening to one of the two songs you can sample I like where this is going.

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Right now you can pre order the album on Itunes which, seriously it’s a download is preordering necessary? Artists Bush, Darby, and Elle Rae will be just a few contributing to the 10 song album.   And you can sample the title track Roll Out by Mount Holly and Gigantik by Crash Kings. I like Roll Out more of the two by the way. I do like albums with several artists on them so this is on my radar.

The feel of the songs though makes you picture some crazy action scene with bots everywhere in your head and that was some of the appeal of the first album. We had these awesome action scenes with this blaring soundtrack that just fit so damned well. So yeah you can preorder today for when the album drops April 15, 2016. Do people say “album drops” still? No if you’ll excuse me I need to go listen to the whole original album again.

-Jason The X

Seriously go listen to the original album, I’m not playing with you! Also follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX

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