Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Figures at NYCC

Just because there’s no Star Wars movie releasing until next December doesn’t mean the toys are slowing down. Collectors still have plenty of reason to clutch their wallets as Hasbro has revealed a handful of new figures during NYCC this week. First, we get a look at some of the figures that will tie-into the upcoming Star Wars Resistance cartoon (which debuts THIS Sunday), which reveals some new characters to boot: 

{gallery}Resistance Toys{/gallery}

Next up are a pair of new figures announced for the, always awesome, 6-inch Black Series line. I’m pretty excited about these as we’re finally getting a General Grievous figure in this collection ($29.00), while also getting a realistic Clone Wars armored version of Obi-Wan Kenobi (which will be a Walgreens exclusive). 

{gallery}2019 Black Series{/gallery}

Lastly, some more reveals for The Vintage Collection, which made it’s return (much to fans’ delight) earlier this year. The new line-up features Leia Boushh, a Scarif Trooper from Rogue One, Klaatu, and Yakface figures. 

{gallery}Vintage Series{/gallery}

All of these revealed will be hitting store shelves in Spring 2019, so we have a little bit of time to give our wallets the chance to recover from Christmas time before picking these up. Which of these new Star Wars figures/lines are you looking forward to most? 


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