LEGO Reveals New Set Based on Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters Reboot

LEGO has already given Ghostbusters fans some incredible sets to pick up and enjoy (the iconic firehouse and original ECTO-1), but today they’ve showed off a new set based off of the NEW Ghostbusters film, which features the revamped ECTO-1, mini-figs of the main cast (who look awesome in this form) and oodles of tiny details.  Check out some high res photos below, but don’t drool on the keyboard: 

I’m really digging the look of this set, and all the details incorporated into it.  It seems odd that our best look at some of the newly designed Ghostbusters gear is coming via LEGO, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.  Here are the basic specs for the set, coming in July:

LEGO Ghostbuster ECTO- 1 & 2

•       Available July 1st, $59.99

•       Based on the new Ghostbuster Movie from Sony premiering July 25th 2016

•       Includes the new ECTO-1 car, ECTO-2 bike, 1 red Daemon and 5 minifigures:

•       Abby Yates (new Ghostbuster – main movie character)

•       Erin Gilbert (new Ghostbuster – main movie character)

•       Jillian Holtzmann (new Ghostbuster – main movie character)

•       Patty Tolan (new Ghostbuster – main movie character)

•       Kevin minifig. (with a 2-sided head: hero and  “possessed”)

Features rolling car with opening side doors and opening top to place 4 minifigs inside, back opens with room for accessories, and 4 proton packs and traps.

What do you guys think of the new LEGO set?  Will you be picking it up this Summer? 


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