LEGO Star Wars – Snoke’s Throne Room Speed Build and Review!

Released at the tail end of Summer, LEGO gave fans the chance to put together a swanky new playset in order to recreated one of the coolest scenes from Episode VIII, and give us some more bad guy minifigs to boot. They were kind enough to send me the new set and you can watch as I put it together and review it in the video below: 

As I mention in the video, I’m very much on board with this set. It’s great for both play and display purposes with a neat layout and cool functions. It’s a mid-range set but the price, $69.99, feels a little bit higher than that. If there’s any downside, that would be it.

Even so, if you’re a fan/collector I think it’s well worth the price and you’ll get plenty out of it. 


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