MSI Reveals New Compact Desktop Gaming PC Coming This November

I’ve always enjoyed the look of these more compact gaming desktops. As someone who has to maximize the space available in my office area, they can be really handy, while still packing a LOT of power. MSI has a few different models of compact desktops (which have the added benefit of being able to move around), and now they’ve revealed the latest with the Trident X


The Trident X comes equipped with up to an Intel Core i9-9900K processor for up 50 percent more performance. The i9 provides massive, overclockable performance in a small chassis. Additionally, gamers can take advantage of the newest innovations in graphics and raytracing with up to NVIDIA RTX 2080ti graphics. With these components, the Trident X provides impressive performance in a small footprint for any task, including gaming or video editing.

After the critical praise of the Infinite X’s design with its tempered glass side panel, MSI brought that same gorgeous design to the Trident X. The panel was designed with a hinge to allow users to easily upgrade the CPU, memory or hard drive. The design on the lower edge of the glass panel helps ventilate heat away from the CPU to ensure the longevity and high performance of the processor. Additionally, the RGB fan can be seen through the panel, allowing gamers to have even more customization options.

Upgradability has always been at the center of MSI, throughout the history of its desktop PC designs. MSI has always created the most intuitive design possible to ensure users can conveniently upgrade their components without hassle. To continue this trend, the Trident X’s components are all accessible from the sides of the chassis for easy accessibility.

The entire PC is cooled by MSI’s unique Silent Storm Cooling thermal system. The system utilizes three separate airflows to individually cool different components within the Trident X while it is under heavy load. That allows the desktop to perform as optimally as possible, making the Trident X ideal for AAA games, live streaming or intensive multitasking.

“The Trident X is one of the most unique and beautiful designs we’ve created so far,” said Charles Chiang, General Manger of Desktop Platform Solutions at MSI. “It’s lightweight enough to carry to events, easily upgradable and immensely powerful. Gamers are going to love adding the Trident X to their battlestation.”

As I mentioned, the Trident X will be available this November, starting at $2,299.


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