MSI Launches their Alpha 15 Gaming Laptop This Month

This month, MSI will launch the Alpha 15, marking the first time a gaming laptop has incorporated a 7nm graphics card, AMD's Radeon RX 5500M. One...

That’s No Moon…It’s a Desktop Computer!

On the SDCC show floor custom hardware company, CherryTree, revealed a Star Wars computer machine in the shape of the Empire's deadliest weapon... I don't...

Viotek Reveals Insane 49inch HDR Gaming Monitor

There are big PC monitors and then there's Viotek's new Ultrawide Curved Gaming monitor. Coming in at 49 inches, this HDR display is like having a multi-monitor setup in one. Come inside to learn more!

MSI Reveals New Compact Desktop Gaming PC Coming This November

If you're looking to upgrade your gaming PC this Holiday season, MSI has revealed the Trident X, a slim desktop with all the latest bells and whistles. Come inside to learn more!

MSI Announces new 2.5L Desktop and Mobile Workstation Upgrades

If you're looking to upgrade your PC gaming apparatus (or your gaming laptop) MSI has revealed a new super slim desktop and some upgrades to their current Workstation line-up. Come inside for all the details! 

Compulab’s Airtop2 Inferno Mini-PC Launches on Kickstarter

A new compact computer, that promises the latest and greatest hardware with fanless/noise free cooling has launched on Kickstarter and it might be exactly what you need.  Come inside to learn more about it!

Everything Is Canon: Melanin In YA

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with Melody Simpson, writer and creator of the amazing Melanin in YA directory! Melanin in YA...