That’s No Moon…It’s a Desktop Computer!

On the SDCC show floor custom hardware company, CherryTree, revealed a Star Wars computer machine in the shape of the Empire’s deadliest weapon…

I don’t think I need a new computer, but I absolutely NEED this custom Star Wars desktop from CherryTree. The gaming hardware company revealed the officially licensed Death Star computer case at SDCC.

They offer customizable options (and easy access to the dock/ports for further upgrading down the road), so you can get the power you want behind the neat design. It also features an optional built in projector (that comes out through the Death Star’s laser beam) which can be utilized as a secondary display! All around, it’s pretty badass and definitely something Star Wars fans/gamers will want to pick up:

Pre-orders are available now (including the option to buy the case by itself) and expected to launch this Holiday season. Be sure to hit up the CherryTree site to learn more, or get your order in!.