New Star Wars: The High Republic Merchandise Available Now

The High Republic returns with the next wave of books arriving today, but Star Wars fans have some shirts to grab as well!

You all know me, know how much I love Star Wars. Specifically, how much I love Star Wars books. It’s a major part of my collection and I’m always excited when I can add other things, beyond just the books, to that part of it.

Thankfully, The High Republic is getting some all new merchandise for fans to pick up in the form of shirts to coincide with the arrival of The Rising Storm and Race to Crashpoint Tower.

First up are some new T-shirts that capture the art from the second wave of books, The Rising Storm, Race to Crashpoint Tower, and Out of the Shadows. There’s also a cool Republic Fair shirt you can snag as well. Out of Print also has a swanky Jedi-themed limited edition shirt to pick up. If all THAT isn’t enough, Amazon has several High Republic themed shirts as well to fit your needs.

While I’m still crossing my fingers for some actual action figures down the road, I’m definitely excited to see these books get some love in the merch department. Too often these stories can be looked over, but give so much. Which of these will you be snagging?

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