New The Clone Wars Inspired Black Series Figures Revealed

Hasbro has announced a handful of new Star Wars The Black Series figures centered around the final season of The Clone Wars. Come take a gander!

As The Clone Wars ended on a high note, one of the things I immediately wanted were new toys based on characters from those episodes. Thankfully, Hasbro already seemed to be working on them! io9 revealed four new figures in the 6-inch Black Series line will be based on the finale, and I think my wallet opened up on its own accord:

Each of these figures will be Walmart exclusives (coming in at an above normal $25 a piece). If you don’t want to risk missing out on these when they launch in the Fall, Walmart will have pre-orders going live tomorrow (July 17th) starting at 10am EST.

I’m pretty excited about these, even though it seems strange to omit Bo-Katan from the line-up, but hopefully these aren’t the only figures based on the show’s final season we’re getting. Which of these will you be picking up?