Silver Screen Bottling Co. Launches Predator Themed Whiskey

Ask my girlfriend what are two things I absolutely love (aside from Star Wars) and she’s likely to tell you Predator movies and Whiskey. Now, there’s a beautiful distillery, in my own backyard here in Texas, launching a Predator themed bourbon. Called Dutch Bourbon Whiskey, the company (appropriately called Silver Screen Bottling Co.) have partnered with Fox to bring this limited edition whiskey to fans of the original film. 

 rsz dutchfinal2

Dutch Bourbon Whiskey is a nod to the film’s main character, Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, who leads an elite band of soldiers on a rescue mission in central America. On the mission they encounter an alien-like creature who destroys most of the team in gory fashion. In the movie’s closing scenes, Dutch defeats the creature and is rescued by helicopter.

Dutch Bourbon Whiskey is fit for a person on a mission with a bold taste for adventure. This whiskey will do more than cover you with mud, it will take you to a new level with its full-bodied flavor and hints of vanilla, coconut, and bergamont.

The label is designed to look like an elite special forces patch and features the targeting crosshairs of the alien creature, a military helicopter and the quote made famous in the movie, “Get to the Chopper!” Bottles sell for $34.99 each and are available for presale at

Silver Screen Bottling Co. have released other adult beverages based on iconic franchises (including Star Trek, Walking Dead, and even Fallout), so I’m excited to see Predator getting some love. Hopefully there’s even more awesomeness like this down the road. While it might be late to snatch this up for a Christmas gift, it’s definitely a cool pick up for any movie lover (of drinking age). 


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