Spider-Man: Far From Home LEGO Sets Revealed

Before Spider-Man swings back into theaters, LEGO has revealed new sets with the heroes and villains of Far From Home. Come inside to check them out!

Need to scratch your superhero LEGO itch before the new Spider-Man film, Far From Home arrives in theaters this July? Well, LEGO has you covered. They’ve revealed three brand new sets based off the scenes and characters in the film for fans to pick up in the near the future:

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Far From Home – Molten Man Battle 294 pieces | 29.99 (USD)

Join Spider-Man and Mysterio in the heat of battle to stop Molten Man melting down the whole city! Molten Man’s dangerous lava is absorbing everything from cars to traffic lights. Escape from this fire monster’s gripping claw and dodge the rapid shooter. Spin spider webs to take down Molten Man then put out all the fires with the firefighter’s fire extinguisher!

• This Spider-Man toy building set for kids includes 3 Marvel Universe minifigures: Spider-Man, Mysterio and a firefighter.
• Molten Man buildable figure features a posable head, arms and legs, gripping claw, 6-stud rapid shooter, buildable ‘melting’ objects including half a car, street lamp and traffic light, chain, melting lava stick elements and various attachment points for minifigures.
• This Spider-Man playset features minifigure weapons including Spider-Man’s web pack, and Mysterio’s power energy elements.
• Accessories include the firefighter’s buildable fire extinguisher for creative play.
• The Marvel Spider-Man minifigure features new-for-May-2019 black and grey stealth suit decoration and the Mysterio minifigure is also new for May 2019.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Far From Home – Hydro-Man Attack 471 pieces | 39.99 (USD)

Take a romantic trip to Venice with Peter Parker and MJ. Enjoy a gondola boat ride then stop at the café for a coffee and a slice of pizza. But watch out—here comes Hydro-Man making huge waves in the canal. Transform into Spider-Man, fire spider webs at the invader and leap across the bridge. Hang on to the wall then explode the bridge. Then fly in to save the day with Mysterio’s power energy!

• This Spider-Man playset includes 4 Marvel Universe minifigures: MJ, Peter Parker, Mysterio and Hydro-Man, plus a LEGO rat figure.
• This LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man construction toy features a Venice scene with a canal-side café, bridge, gondola and a buildable water base for Hydro-Man.
• Café features a tower with attachment points for minifigures and web elements, rooftop garden with plant elements, buildable coffee machine and outside space.
• Outside space features an explode function, buildable table, coffee cup, pizza slice and newspaper elements, 2 minifigure seats, buildable street lamp and flower elements.
• Bridge features an explode function, attachment points for minifigures and web elements, sewer with LEGO rat figure, pizza slice element and a gem element.
• The gondola has 2 minifigure seats and an oar element.
• Activate the café and bridge explode functions to send minifigures flying into the canal.
• Take apart and build up Hydro-Man’s water base to elevate him to different heights.
• This superhero playset includes Mysterio’s 2 power energy elements for imaginative play.
• Accessory elements include Peter Parker’s interchangeable Spider-Man minifigure head, plus 9 assorted Spider-Man web elements to customise your builds, minifigures and weapons.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Far From Home – Stark Jet and the Drone Attack 504 pieces | 69.99 (USD)

Defend Venice against drone attack with Happy Hogan, Nick Fury, Mysterio, Spider-Man and the super Stark Jet! Adjust the wings and launch into the sky. Control this hi-tech jet airplane from the dual cockpit with Happy Hogan and Nick Fury. Swerve 2 stud-shooting drones and fire back with the jet’s own stud shooters. Then release the hatch to drop energy bombs or send Spider-Man swinging into action on his web string!

• This building set for kids includes 4 Marvel Universe minifigures: Happy Hogan, Nick Fury, Spider-Man and Mysterio.
• Stark Jet features a dual minifigure cockpit with pilot seats for Happy Hogan and Nick Fury, control panel stickers, 2 guns, plus a passenger seat for Spider-Man, opening hatch function with attachment point for Spider-Man’s spider web string element, rear storage compartment for 3 buildable energy bombs, adjustable wings and 2 stud shooters.
• Press the button on the top of the jet to open the hatch and drop bombs or let Spider-Man swoop down from the jet on his spider web string.
• Each buildable toy drone features 2 stud shooters.
• Weapons include Happy Hogan’s gun, Nick Fury’s shooter and Mysterio’s power energy elements for creative play.
• This Marvel building toy also includes the Spider-Man minifigure’s spider web string element.

Will you be picking up any of these Spider-Man: Far From Home sets before it hits theaters on July 5th?

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