Star Wars Triple Force Friday Action Figures Revealed

Today, Lucasfilm and Hasbro pulled the curtain back on the various toys Star Wars fans will be able to snag during Triple Force Friday. Come inside to check them out for yourself!

Fans and collectors have been eagerly awaiting their first look at the upcoming Star Wars toys, which will pull from all three of the major releases this Fall: The Mandalorian, Jedi: Fallen Order, and The Rise of Skywalker. Along with LEGO sets and merch from Fallen Order, Hasbro has revealed their upcoming line of figures/toys to be on the hunt for. Let’s take a look at what’s coming on October 4th:

Let’s start with the main Black Series six inch line. The new wave will include figures from both The Rise of Skywalker and Mandalorian (I’m not including the Fallen Order figures we covered in an earlier post). The Black Series is among my favorite toy lines they’ve ever done with Star Wars, so I’m especially eager to get my hands on these…More so, I’m looking forward to tracking down these exclusives:

Of course there are store exclusives, because us collectors need to stay on our toes! The First Order Elite Snowtrooper will be a Target exclusive (coming with a swanky cape), but the other big exclusives to look out for are the special “Carbonized” editions. These feature a metallic coating that make them stand out, on top of sporting some sexy new packaging.

Characters in this collection include THE MANDALORIAN (exclusively at Target), SECOND SISTER INQUISITOR (exclusively at GameStop), SITH TROOPER (exclusively at Amazon), and FIRST ORDER JET TROOPER (exclusively at Walmart).

On top of those, fans will also have some new figures from The Vintage Collection to pick up on Force Friday. These will include a new vehicles and a handful of figures, most of which are based on Rise of Skywalker characters!

Fans looking to pick up snazzier versions of some classic characters will have new two-packs in the Skywalker Saga collection (that you’ll find at Wal-Marts).

Commemorating the STAR WARS SKYWALKER SAGA, this series of figures includes iconic characters from the full SKYWALKER SAGA in action figure 2-packs, including HAN SOLO & LEIA, LUKE SKYWALKER & CHEWBACCA, and more! Each figure has been treated with a gold finish to stand out in any STAR WARS fan’s collection!

Instead of a regular 3.75 inch toy line this time around, fans will instead find a new line of Galaxy of Adventure figures (in a 5-inch scale) that will fill out the rest of The Rise of Skywalker action figure toys.

STAR WARS fans new and old can discover the exciting action from the STAR WARS saga with figures, Lightsabers, and more from STAR WARS GALAXY OF ADVENTURES! These 5-inch scale figures feature multiple points of articulation and include detail and fun action moves inspired by STAR WARS movies and entertainment. Recreate exciting adventures with fan favorites like CHEWBACCA, REY, SUPREME LEADER KYLO REN, JET TROOPER, and more! Each pack contains a 5-inch scale STAR WARS figure.

But that’s not all! You’ll find tons more on the shelves, including toy Lightsabers, MicroFighters, 12-inch figures, and masks/role-play items. Needless to say, there’s a lot to look forward to for Triple Force Friday, but which of these are you looking forward to picking up?