Everything Is Canon: Dangerous Secrets

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve is joined by co-host Jessica Salafia Ward (LaughingPlace.com) as they talk to author Mari Mancusi all about her great new book, Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets!

Frozen fans will fall in love this expanded version of the world and characters they already know so well. It follows the exploits of a young Iduna and Agnarr as they, and Arendelle, are on the cusp of great change. Dangerous Secrets falls right into place, embracing what we’ve come to know about this franchise while at the same time infuses the story with a new sense of vibrancy and intrigue.

The three of them discuss just about everything under the sun including how to make a predictable story intriguing, what sweet Frozen Easter Eggs can be found, and what ingredients go into making a great romance book.

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For more information on what Mari is up to, go to her web page for all the latest!

Everything Is Canon: Dangerous Secrets
Everything is Canon

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