The Fathergamer Podcast Episode 40 Part Two: Back For Seconds


It’s a celebration of all things GeekNerdOTAKU and everything that falls in the cracks between.

We honor creativity and the science of storytelling. We interview everyone from Icons in the industry to awesome cosplayers We cover the latest comics and interview their artists, writers and visionaries We discuss the latest blurays and DVD’s, and of course we talk about videogames We interview veterans of the industry as well up and coming indie developers. We know games. I’m pretty sure we bleed in pixels. We might be a bit crude as well as not very politically correct, but our hearts are in the right place. 

Here is a direct link.

CAST: Katy, Mike, Matt, Kyle, Austin, Colby and Eric

Lady Cookies?

IMG 4893

A Bridge with a View


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