We Spoke With Author Claire Winn All About City Of Vicious Night!

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to author Claire Winn all about her latest book, City of Vicious Night, the second book in the Requiem Dark duology. They talk about the state of the publishing industry, wrapping up the duology, what’s next for her, and much, much more.

To purchase a copy of both City of Shattered Light and City of Vicious Night, click HERE!

About the Author

Claire Winn is a science fiction and fantasy author. Her debut YA sci-fi novel, City of Shattered Light, released October 2021 from Flux Books, and the sequel is forthcoming in 2023. She is represented by Cortney Radocaj at the Belcastro Literary Agency. A gamer at heart, she writes books that are fast-paced, snarky, and driven by fierce, flawed characters. Since graduating from Northwestern University, Claire has worked as a legal writer, freelance editor, and an editorial intern. On the creative side, she builds props and armor for cosplay and writes storylines for LARP games—in addition to battling with boffer swords.

Everything is Canon
We Spoke With Author Claire Winn All About City Of Vicious Night!
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