Hands-On With Eagle Eyes Gaming Eyewear (For Those Who Already Wear Glasses)

I’ve known about gaming/computer glasses for a while. Hell, I’ve even reviewed a pair a few years back, but to be honest…I hardly ever use them. I know they help and that, as much time as I spend in front of a screen for both work and play, I should be wearing them all the time. My biggest problem, however, is that I already wear REGULAR glasses. 

I know, I know…This day and age it seems crazy to still be wearing corrective lenses, but with surgery too expensive for me, and contacts super irritating (I’ve tried), it’s what I have. That, and after wearing them for over two decades, it’s just kinda weird not to have my glasses. Because of this, any extra eyewear (3D glasses especially) is a pain in the butt to use. 

When Eagle Eyes reached out to me about testing out some new Gaming Glasses, I was hesitant…But it turns out they offer a couple options for people like me to wear on/over their regular glasses! Now I was intrigued. Fortunately they were kind enough to shoot me a couple different options in the form of wrap-around glasses that fit on the top of my current pair of glasses and some clip-ons! 

Before I talk about them individually, let me say a couple general things about them both. I’m happy to say that both of these work exactly as you’d hope and as promised. Truth be told, I’m wearing a pair right now as I’m writing this review. 

Nerd Glasses

I know it’s weird, but one of the ways I frequently work is to have some sort of video (a movie that needs to be reviewed, or something I just want to watch) on one screen, while I work on another. Whether it’s writing up a new piece or drawing on my tablet, my eyes are pretty much focused on one of two screens while working. Couple that with the screens I look at when I get home (enjoying cartoons with the kids or relaxing on my Nintendo Switch), and that’s a LOT of screen time for my eyeballs. 

The result, of course, has been plenty of eye strain and related headaches. This is especially true when I’m crunching to get things done on deadlines. Now that I’ve had the chance to test out the glasses from Eagle Eyes, I can absolutely say I’ve noticed a marked difference. I haven’t had a headache related to staring at the screens (though my work time hasn’t decreased in the least).

My biggest issue with the glasses is the same one I have with just about all of these gaming glasses; color changes. The whole point is the glasses block out specific light waves in order to help, but the result are slightly yellow tinged lenses. For the most part, this isn’t a big deal and after a little bit of time wearing them, you won’t notice the change (especially when you’re gaming). 

When I’m drawing, however, using my on-screen tablet or just the one connected to my main computer, it becomes an issue. The glasses change up colors JUST enough to throw off things that I’m drawing. When you’re dealing with various shades/hues of colors, even a minor change can have a big impact on the final image. This isn’t exactly an issue I expect everyone to deal with and if you’re picking these up for your gaming sessions, it’s not something you’ll likely think about.

Now, here are the details for each of the glasses sent my way:

Fiton sml black

FitOn® Sleek DT 

The FitOn Sleek is the primary pair of glasses I’ve been using and have been sitting constantly on my work desk since I’ve got them. These are the ones the slip over the top of my regular glasses, and honestly, I’m kinda shocked at how comfortable they can be. 

I’ve tried out a handful of over-the-top glasses for various reasons (3D glasses and sunglasses), but none of them have been all the comfortable. Ultimately, I would end up fidgeting with them constantly to the point of distraction or just taking them off altogether. Thankfully, these FitOn’s are much easier to adjust to and I was able to leave them on for longer periods of time without thinking about it. 

Part of it comes down to the design where it fits well over the top of my glasses and are light enough that they don’t add much strain on the tops of my ears. It feels all encompassing as the sides of the glasses also have lenses, which ensure even your periphery is covered. Of course, part of it may have to do with my frames being fairly thin, but either way I’ve definitely worn these more than any other over-the-top glasses I’ve worn over the years. It’s definitely a case of function over form as I can tell you…these things aren’t winning you any style points. In fact, it’s probably the most stereotypical “nerd” I’ve looked in a long time!

universal set

ClipOn Set Universal 

The other thing they sent my way were the ClipOn Set. This is a new set in that they include a total of three different clip-on lenses (including a nifty carrying case for all of them):

ClipOn Universal – These are your typical sunglasses for every day use. 

ClipOn Universal NL – These work for low light situations to help clarify objects in the distance during night time. 

ClipOn Universal DT – These block the blue light from electronics. 

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For the purposes of this review, I focused mostly on using the Universal DT with all of my electronic usage at the home. All of the clip-ons fit snugly onto your glasses and even when flipping up and down frequently (for testing purposes I assure you) didn’t move/shift around a whole lot. 

The problem inherent with any clip-on, however, is the potential for smudging as you take them off and on, or flip them. While material on the lenses dramatically reduce all of that, it’s going to happen regardless. Just be aware of it. 

Cleaning Kit

Included in the box with both products (and I believe all of their products at Eagle Eyes) are a microfiber slip-on case that holds your frames while also doubling as a cleaning cloth as necessary, and an all in one glasses kit. This kit includes a cleaning cloth, a cleaning spray, and a keychain that has mini-screwdrivers to repair glasses frames.

While you may not need those things with these specific products, they’re incredibly nice to have on hand, just in case. Hell, I’ve used that tool for my own regular glasses as well and I was glad to have it handy. While these things may not be necessary, they add a little extra to the overall package. 

From what I can tell, Eagle Eyes puts a lot of attention into their gaming glasses and if you’re looking for something to help you out, their products deliver. If you’re like me and already wear corrective lenses, then rest assured that their options for you are solid and comfortable. 

If you’re looking to pick either of these up, they are available now directly from Eagle Eyes on their website (Here and Here). If you don’t wear glasses already, they still have several other gaming eyewear options that I’m confident will work just as well as these.