Hands-On With Wacom’s Cintiq 16 (Video Review)

I love drawing (you’ve probably seen quite a bit of Cinelinx related art from me), and there’s no better company producing digital drawing tablets than Wacom. Earlier this year, they announced the Cintiq 16. It’s intended to be a transitional tablet that comes in at a more affordable price for those looking to take their creative work further, or just expand on a hobby. 

Wacom was kind enough to send their new Cintiq 16 my way, and after a few weeks of use, I’m hear to tell you all about it. Check out my video review, in which you’ll see me draw a few things, and tell you all about whether or not it’s worth picking up: 

Overall, I really enjoyed the Cintiq 16 and found it to be super comfortable and easy to use. While it’s missing some of the features of other models, it was easy to adjust and still delivered on great quality work. If you haven’t had a drawing tablet before, or want to upgrade to an onscreen display, this is an excellent, more affordable option


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Jordan Maison
Editor-in-Chief: Writer and cartoonist who went to college for post-production, he now applies his love of drawing, movie analysis, filmmaking, video games, and martial arts into writing.