Hands-On With Wacom’s Updated Intuos Pro Small (Video)

In our latest tech review, I take a look at the new updated model of Wacom’s Intuos Pro (Small), comparing it to the predecessor and helping you decide if it’s worth picking up.

As someone who draws quite a bit, digitally, making sure I have a tablet that works is pretty important. More than that, it’s all about how it feels. After all, if something feels off when you’re drawing, the impact on your final product will absolutely be apparent.

This is the main thing I’m always looking for when it comes to these kind of reviews, and if you’re a creative looking for a new tablet, or one to get started, the Intuos Pro Small is a great option.

To learn more about Wacom’s Intuos line, be sure to check out their site. To purchase the Intuos Pro Small, you can do so via their online store, or from Amazon.