MSI Launches Line-Up of VR Ready Gaming Laptops

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new gaming laptop, while “future-proofing” for new technology on the horizon, then you’ll want to check out MSI’s new laptop line-up.  The new series is ready for VR and comes loaded with some great hardware to make your gaming experience the best it can be: 


The new selection of VR-ready gaming laptops, including models from the GT, GS, and GE series, are packed with GeForce® GTX 1080, GeForce® GTX 1070, and GeForce® GTX 1060 GPUs and deliver over 40% performance improvement over previous models.

“NVIDIA’s GTX 10 Series GPU ushers a new era of mobile gaming where mind-blowing visual performance is no longer restricted to desktops, and VR is a reality no matter where you are,” states Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America.  “Our world leading selection of gaming laptops with NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU caters to every type of gamer, from the eleet looking for extreme power to the casual gamer seeking a balanced unit.”

Gaming Powerhouses

Reimagine and redefined, MSI’s GT83/73VR Titan series now showcases an even more commanding design with sports car inspired exhausts and MSI’s Cooler Boost Titan, featuring multiple exhausts and dual whirlwind blade fans to guarantee the best performance even under the most stress.  Available in 3 different sizes and 17 unique configurations, including with SLI graphics, 4K panels and Tobii’s eye-tracking technology, MSI’s GT series is the optimum laptop for serious gamers. 

Mobile Gaming

Supremely mobile and distinctly sexy, MSI’s redesigned GS73/63 VR Stealth Pro series now comes with MSI’s Cooler Boost Trinity, a temperature control system featuring three ultra-thin whirlwind blade fans, and a 5-pipe thermal design optimized for ultra-slim gaming notebooks.  Available in 17-inch, 15-inch, and 14-inch options, MSI’s GS series gives power mobile gaming a new meaning with the performance of larger systems while measuring less than 1-inch thick.

Balanced Gaming

The perfect balance of performance, portability and affordability, MSI’s GE72/62 VR Apache series now features MSI’s Cooler Boost 4 technology, an enhanced cooling system with multiple exhausts to keep temperatures low even during the most headed battles.  Starting at $1,649, the VR-ready GE series comes in two different sizes and is the ideal unit for gaming enthusiast looking for a powerful and reliable unit.

If you want more info on each model’s specifications, be sure to check out MSI’s website.  What do you guys think of this new line-up? 


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