MSI Reveals New Desktop and Monitor Designed With Creators in Mind

MSI is well known for their gaming systems, but today they’ve revealed the new Prestige desktop and monitor, built for creators to take advantage of. 

Whether it’s digital art, video creation, motion graphics, or just content streaming, you need a good computer setup to make it work. Here’s where MSI comes in. Today they’ve unveiled the Prestige P100 desktop and the Prestige Monitor (coming in at a whopping 34 inches).

Together the pair makes for a dynamic setup that looks great and brings all the power you need to do what you want:

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware and computing solutions, unveils a content creator’s ultimate system, the Prestige P100 desktop powered by the latest 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-9900K processors, and the Prestige PS341WU Monitor, the embodiment of performance and elegance.

“MSI understands that the creative process can be intricate, complex, and non-linear. That’s why we designed our Prestige series to be adaptable and simple to use, allowing creators to focus on their masterpieces and not on their computers,” says Charles Chiang, MSI’s Global CEO. “With the unveiling of the P100 desktop and PS341WU monitor, MSI now provides a complete set of solutions for content creators, whether they require effortless mobility or optimizable creative power.”

Designed to Create

MSI’s Prestige P100 desktop is a masterpiece created to bring imagination to life. Featuring a sophisticated white chassis with chrome and RGB accents, the creator desktop conceals the latest 9th Generation Intel Core i9-9900K processor, 64GB DDR4 memory, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti GPU to produce and ensure the fastest and smoothest performance regardless of the task at hand.

A creator’s dream desktop, the Prestige P100 also highlights an innovative thermal module design that integrates the CPU, GPU, and PSU with independent air flows, allowing it to handle the most intense rendering, multitasking at 8K resolution, and the smoothest real-time preview without overheating.

Customization and Seamless Synchronization

MSI transforms the Prestige series solutions, including the P100 desktop and Prestige PS341WU monitor into the world’s first customizable and synchronizable creator ecosystem. Through its exclusive Creator Center and Creator OSD software, photographers, composers, designers, animators, and videographers can now personalize performance to ensure even smoother and more productive workdays.

MSI’s Creator Center enables creators to easily allocate and optimize hardware resources, prioritizing and boosting performance as they desire. Adding synchronization to customization, MSI’s Creator OSD software automatically syncs the performance of the Prestige PS341WU monitor with any Prestige series desktop or laptop, maximizing graphics and linking the visual output to applications to provide an intuitive creating experience.

You can learn more on their site, as well as buy it now, over on their site.