Razer Unveils a Beastly Phone Geared Towards Gamers

Razer has made a name for themselves in the gaming community for producing high quality gear, including everything from gaming mice, mousepads, and high-end laptops.  Now, they’re turning their attention to mobile gaming with their very own phone.  

I’m not exaggerating when I say this thing is an absolute beast (at least based on the specs given).  I mean, what other phone can you think of that boasts 8gb of RAM.  Seriously, half the computers around Cinelinx don’t even have that. That’s not to mention the 120 Hz UltraMotion display (the first for a phone) and the Dolby Atmos speakers built in to it. 

 Razer Phone 2

Razer today unveiled the Razer Phone, an Android smartphone with groundbreaking audiovisual technologies and processing muscle that takes personal entertainment to the next level.  The first device from Razer’s mobile division, the Razer Phone comes with a phenomenal display, cinematic audio and enough power to last a user all day, all in the palm of his or her hand.


The Razer Phone is equipped with the world’s first 120 Hz UltraMotion™ display that delivers the fastest refresh rates and smoothest graphics among today’s smartphones. UltraMotion’s adaptive refresh technology synchronizes the GPU and display to remove image tearing or lag while driving efficient power usage.  The 5.72-inch display – a Quad HD IGZO LCD – delivers vibrant and sharp images with a wide color gamut.


The Razer Phone is powered by Dolby Atmos® technology to provide true cinematic audio via front-firing speakers with dual dedicated amplifiers.

A THX-certified USB-C audio adapter with a 24-bit digital audio convertor (DAC) guarantees audiophile-quality sound with one’s favorite headphones.


The Razer Phone ensures the ultimate viewing and gaming experience with the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 Mobile Platform and a massive 8GB of RAM.

Users can fine-tune their experiences with the Razer Game Booster app, and the phone’s best-in-class thermal design reduces throttling to maximize power and performance.


The Razer Phone packs a large 4,000 mAh battery, one of the largest capacities found on smartphones today. This allows gamers to keep playing all day long, while Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 4+ enables rapid charging.

 Razer Phone 3

Razer has made it clear that this is a phone meant for entertainment/gaming and is partnering with a few developers to ensure their new phone gets some impressive attention:

Razer is proud to partner with the world’s top gaming companies, including Tencent® and Square Enix®, to bring the best gaming experiences to mobile and take full advantage of the Razer Phone’s extraordinary features. Mobile games are being optimized by partners for Razer Phone’s UltraMotion display with frame rates of up to 120 frames per second.

“Arena of Valor,” which Tencent is launching soon in North America, is the world’s most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Players battling on the Razer Phone will engage in overclocked action and turbocharged team fights, thanks to the device’s powerful gaming capabilities.

“The future of gaming is rapidly expanding to mobile devices, and both Razer and Tencent are at the forefront of fast-tracking development,” said Vincent Gao, global marketing director at Tencent Games. “Arena of Valor brings gamers a fast-paced, competitive experience, and the Razer phone was built to handle the visuals, sound and quick-reflex mechanics of the game. This partnership sets the standard for the next generation of mobile screen play.”


·        “Final Fantasy® XV Pocket Edition” from Square Enix

·        “Gear.Club” from Eden Games

·        “Lineage 2: Revolution” from Netmarble Games Corporation

·        “Old School RuneScape™” from Jagex Limited

·        “RuneScape™” from Jagex Limited

·        “Shadowgun Legends™” from Madfinger Games

·        “Tekken™” from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

·        “Titanfall™: Assault” from NEXON Co., Ltd. and Particle City, Inc.

·        “World of Tanks Blitz” from Wargaming Group Limited

It’s still a phone so we’ll have to wait until we get some hands on time with it to see how it handles calls and what not, but on paper, it’s a damn impressive looking piece of hardware.  What do you guys think of the Razer Phone


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