Samsung Reveals Their First Gaming Laptop

The laptop resembles what you most likely would expect from any gaming laptop as it lights up and has a beast under the hood. The series will start with a 14 inch screen releasing in February and a massive 17 inch version releasing later in the year.  The smaller version will have a single backlight keyboard, while the larger version will have a multi-colored keyboard.

The smaller laptop will retail at $1,199 which is a killer price point for a gaming laptop. The laptops are promising high end specs, with SSD storage, and the higher end laptop coming with Thunderbolt 3 ports. The laptops also include advanced cooling mechanics to keep them from overheating. The plastic shells allow them to be light with the smaller laptop coming in just over 5 pounds, and the larger one coming in at 8 pounds.

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The Samsung Notebook Odyssey includes exclusive features built specifically for intense and casual gamers alike. With advanced technology, such as the HexaFlow Vent, an advanced cooling and ventilation system that helps the device remain cool. Created for maximum performance and endless play, users can also open the HexaFlow Vent, which is located on the bottom panel of the device, to upgrade the storage and memory.

For optimal gameplay, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey is equipped with an intelligent and robust processer. Powered by a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor (Quad Core 45W), both models of the Samsung Notebook Odyssey offer users lightning fast performance with premium graphic technologies.  

Without comprising on function, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey features an innovative design that’s both functional and refined to provide users with optimal usability. Unlike many bulky gaming PCs, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey is easily portable, allowing users to take their game with them on the go.

Beyond its sleek design, The Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s keyboard includes advanced features including ergonomically curved keycaps (0.5mm volcano keycaps on the 17.3-inch, 0.3mm crater keycaps and backlit WASD keys to provide users with optimal interactions on the 15.6-inch). For personalization and easy access to crucial keys, users can also choose the backlit color of individual keycaps on the Samsung Notebook Odyssey 17.3-inch.

Personally I’m a fan of Samsung notebooks, and their Chromebooks haven’t failed me, so I will be checking these out for sure!

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