SteelSeries Unveils a new line of Premium revolutionary Headphones, “The Arctis Pro”

In a world where Gaming graphics improve by leaps and bounds giving higher fidelity graphics, it can be easy to forget about the sound entering the ear holes. 

Sound can be arguably just as important as graphics but there hasn’t been a large influx of revolution in audio gaming gear of late.   SteelSeries claims to have an answer as they step into the limelight and introduce the Arctis Pro Line.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset set 3 cold FINAL Downsized


They have their Flagship Model the Arctis Pro + GameDAC touting that it is “Gaming’s First Hi-Res Audio System, ensuring gamers hear high-fidelity, full-resolution audio in its purest form.” 

The GameDAC Sabre Chip should deliver a level of sound detail beyond what Console and Pc Gamers have exprenced thus far.

SS Arctis Still life 2 FINAL preview


The SteelSeries CEO, Ehtisham Rabbani has stated. 

Until now, innovation in gaming graphics and displays have outpaced progress in gaming audio solutions, The Arctis Pro is designed for gamers who seek high fidelity audio and who want to hear everything the sound engineers created, the same way they seek high-res, immersive visuals.”

The Arctis Pro headsets will be able to reproduce Audio out to  40,000 Hz, which is double what most headsets perform at with 20,000 Hz. It touts a spectrum of 121 Db of dynamic range and -95db total harmonic distortion and noise.  What this essentially means in layman terms is that gamers will have the cleanest audio not yet in the industry. 

It is fully customizable with PlayStation 4 without the aid of a pc.  It has a self-adjusting ski goggle headband fitting comfortably to the head.  It has a retractable ClearCast Microphone with background noise cancelation giving studio quality sound. 

The Arctis Pro Wireless uses a usb transmitter for 2.4G lossless audio. 

Arctis Pro Wireless 1 preview

The price is set for the Arctis Pro + GameDac is set for $249.99 and the Arctis Pro Wireless is set at $329.99.

Personal Opinion, I think that for those who wish to be at the forefront of the tech world.  These would be good investment.  Audio is overlooked too often, this could feasibly combat that. You can continue you’re journey immersing yourself in your virtual world of choice. 


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