Watch Doom Run On An Overpriced Calculator

As we figured out by now, Doom can run on anything that basically has a screen. Sometimes the screen doesn’t even need a keypad either. We’ve seen fridges, ATM machines, keyboards, and many other things which made Doom one of our “Games We Love” titles.

Now you can add a Texas Instruments Calculator to the list. You know, those overpriced calculators you are forced to buy in college. Check it out.

Call me a disgruntled college student, but when you can buy a smartphone with more horsepower and capabilities than the calculator at a lower cost (Or even cheap alternatives), and yet not be allowed to use it instead, there seems to be something fishy. You know, like backdoor deals between a company and a school to further rip off students. But hey, at least you can play Doom on it now.

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