XGIMI Announces New Short-Throw 4K Projector

The latest projector from XGIMI looks set to fully replace your TV by needing hardly any space to work, and still delivering 4K.

Using a projector for your home entertainment setup is always fun. You get a bigger picture and there’s something about it that just feels like an experience. The downside, however, is that you often need some space to make it happen, making them a bit more inconvenient than a typical TV setup.

Thankfully, there are new “short throw” projectors out there to help with this, and XGIMI has launched a brand new one: the Aura. This is the brand’s first laser projector, which is bringing 4K quality and only needing 17.3 inches of space to project a 150-inch image on your wall/screen. So you could keep it on your regular TV stand/entertainment center!

With built-in speakers acting like it’s own sound bar, and built-in wifi to connect to a host of apps, the Aura looks like an all-in-one system that could replace your entire current setup.

XGIMI LIMITED, a leading global projection equipment manufacturer, today announced the launch of a new 4K ultra short-throw laser projector, the Aura. As XGIMI’s first laser projector, the Aura is aiming to become the new living room centerpiece, claiming the throne that has been held for decades by traditional television sets. The Aura is now available globally on the XGIMI websiteThe XGIMI Aura is a forward-thinking way for anyone to enjoy music, movies, shows and games in their home using ultra short-throw technology to project images at up to 150 inches, while only being inches away from the screen. Aura features a smooth Android TV 10 user interface that has the ability to run streaming services like Disney+ and Amazon Prime, without the need for external hardware. To make watching content even easier, the Aura has built-in Chromecast functionality for seamless content casting and features three HDMI ports for external devices like game consoles, cable boxes and Blu-Ray players.


All that compatibility doesn’t mean a thing if images don’t look great, and the XGIMI Aura has put those fears to rest while also offering a stylish design, luxurious look and feel. The Aura is capable of projecting at 4K and HDR10 resolutions with screen sizes of up to 150 inches while also adding low latency image processing capabilities. The Aura projector is powered by 2400 ANSI lumens of brightness, meaning crisper whites, darker and richer blacks and colors that pop. Thanks to the Aura’s impressive ultra short-throw technology, the projector only needs to be a little over eight inches away from the screen to get the full 100” display, a size which most TVs could never match. That level of immersion is practically magical.

Key Features:

Impressive ultra short-throw technology that only needs 8 inches of space to display at 100 inches

4K and HDR10 resolutions with screen size of up to 150”

Four 15W Harmon-Kardon speakers with Dolby and DTS audio support fill any space with vibrant sound

Android TV UI for instant access to streaming services built right in

Three HDMI ports and three USB ports means hooking up any device is easy

Eight-point keystone and manual focus corrections makes it easier than ever to find the perfect picture

The immersion is only helped by the 4 massive 15W Harman-Kardon speakers that are built into the Aura projector that feature 2 tweeters + 2 subwoofers providing crisp highs, dynamic mid ranges and superb bass. The speakers include Dolby Audio support, allowing everyone to hear every minor detail with room-filling audio. The speakers are so good on the Aura that the projector can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker or soundbar when not being used to watch content.

While the Aura is truly a one-stop destination for all sorts of entertainment, the projector really shines when it comes to its ease of use. The Aura features XGIMI’s fast boot tech, can be set up in seconds, and features an intuitive user interface.  Images will always be crisp and clear thanks to XGIMI’s onboard, eight-point keystone correction technology which makes focusing a breeze – it’s a true plug and play experience. These features combine to make the Aura an ideal hassle-free projector for the whole family, and will finally give TVs a run for their money as the most immersive home entertainment centerpiece.

XGIMI’s Aura is available starting today for $2500. Check out more specific technical details and order yours right here.

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