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Godzilla Baby

Generally speaking, on the weekends I tend to get up with the baby in order to give momma a break and some rest time.  For a period of about a month and a half, a specific channel on the TV (one of the Starz ones I believe) was playing nothing but old Godzilla movies all throughout the morning.  

As these old-school monster movies were things I grew up with as a kid, and still enjoy, I thought it was great!  Since I had to be up super early anyway to feed the baby, I was able to watch some fun kaiju action on those weekends.  Since it was happening every weekend, it became something of a routine for the baby and I to enjoy Godzilla on our weekend mornings.

She was only about 3-4 months old during this time, so I didn’t expect her to care very much, as from sitting with her dad and seeing a bunch of explosions on screen…but about the second weekend (several Godzilla movies later) I noticed she began reacting every time a monster appeared on the screen.  She was silent and chill during the talking/human parts, but the minute a monster appeared, she’d start flailing her arms and making noises!  

Sure enough, while my girlfiend Holly was changing diapers, the baby started making little roar-type noises.  I was instantly the culprit of our daughter’s newfound vocal ability and I can’t say I’m ashamed.  So yes, today’s comic (as so many tend to be) is based on an entirely true story of my nerdiness and film journey with my kiddos.  Even the newborn isn’t immune from my geeky influence!

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