Focal Point: The Foretold Return

Coming back to Animal Crossing after an extended period of time away can bring about some unexpected consequences in this week's new Focal Point!...

Focal Point: The Immersion Paradox

The future of gaming is brighter than ever, but there are some unexpected problems as impressive graphics and immersive storytelling progress... In this week's new...

Focal Point: Dropping Into Sadness

There's a sad realization every parent (who's a gamer) must come to, which we can see in this week's new Focal Point comic! Would...

Focal Point: The Trailer Tease

The hype is real in this week's new Focal Point webcomic! As has been well documented on this site (and social media) one of my...

Focal Point: Animal Crossed

This week's all new Focal Point comic has arrived as we look at what happens when we start to move beyond the world of...

Focal Point: Return of the King

After a few years, Focal Point is back with an all new (somewhat topical) comic and the fool's hope of returning every week for...

Focal Point: Baby Kaiju

Being a parent isn't exactly new to me, but having a newborn once again after all these years certainly FEELS new from time to time.  Namely, it's amazing how perceptive young children can be.  Even at just a few months old, our daughter has definitely picked up on some monstrous habits...Seriously. 

Focal Point: Forces of DGAF

There are two types of Star Wars fans when it comes to the new Star Wars: Forces of Destiny animated shorts as explored in the brand new (long overdue) Focal Point comic strip.  Come inside to check it out!  

Focal Point: Big Britches in Alola

Ah, the over-confidence of youth.  It's something every kid seems to possess in regards to any task with which they show the sligthest appitude.  Seriously, talk to a kid who just put the dishes away, and they'll tell you they're the best at taking care of the dishes.  Catching the football on the first try; might as well get ready for the NFL.  

Focal Point: All Aboard for the Switch!

After a long (and what was assumed to be permanent) hiatus, Focal Point is back with an all new comic strip, in which we abandon all pretenses and feel legitimately excited for the Nintendo Switch.  Come inside to check it out!  

Hands On With the Stealth Core Trainer Workout Platform

We go hands on with a workout device (crazy, I know) that combines exercise and gaming in a way that feels both unique and...