Focal Point: The Trailer Tease

The hype is real in this week’s new Focal Point webcomic!

As has been well documented on this site (and social media) one of my favorite things are movie trailers. I’ve always looked at them as an art form in and of themselves. Hell, there are plenty of times where the trailers for a film end up significantly better than the movie itself!

A few years back studios got the idea to TEASE audiences with a mini-teaser; often only 10-15 seconds and promising the full trailer’s date. I hate it. And yet, I can’t ever stop watching them:

Yes, technically this is a “Redux” comic, from one I did back in 2014. Back then it was specifically referencing the trailer teaser for Ender’s Game (a film I was super excited for back then), but figured it works better as a general reference. Not to mention I get to keep adding Linxy to things!

Funny enough this was actually the FIRST thing I did when I had the idea to bring Focal Point back. This was supposed to be the initial comic, but considering the pandemic severely limited the amount of movie trailers around, I decided to sit on it for a bit.

As the wheels of entertainment begin to chug along once again, it feels like this will once again be all too relevant. Much as I continue to bitch, I will absolutely keep watching all the trailer snippets they’re willing to feed us.