Focal Point: Forces of DGAF

It’s been a bit hasn’t it!  Between having a newborn, the Topps cards, and all of the other site business (sending teams to E3 and SDCC), I’ve been so busy I can hardly see straight.  That said, I’ve been slowly working on getting a handful of new comics done so I can begin releasing them on a regular basis once more.  

The comic I’m showing today isn’t the first one I started working on, but it IS the mostly timely.  Recently, a series of animated Star Wars shorts arrived, along with a slew of new merchandise to tie in with it.  We’ve talked about Forces of Destiny on the site before and, generally, our excitement of seeing new stories being told for younger audiences, with the emphasis on the heroines of the franchise.  

Once they arrived, however, the backlash wasn’t far behind.  Some fans were disappointed in the short length, or lack of a bigger connecting story, while others just couldn’t seem to accept the fact that female characters were in the lead role.  Regardless, these disgruntled fans took out their displeasure in some ridiculous ways, using the shroud of “true fans” as a justification.  

FOD Comic

The primary point so many latched on to is the “they only made this to sell toys” argument…I mean, okay.  On top of the fact that one of the things Star Wars is most famous for is its ground-breaking licensing deals, it’s also part of a business!  Of course they’re going to try and sell merchandise off of any, and everything.  That’s how they get money to make more of the stuff they actually like.  

Oh well, I say let people like what they like.  Enjoying animated shorts doesn’t make you less of a fan (though bitching about them might).  Anywho, I’m gonna take my dolls and play elsewhere!  

Interested in wearing some of my art? You’re in luck, as you can snag some shirts on TeePublic.  Or you can buy prints (and check out more artwork) on the official Focal Point Art Facebook page. 


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