Focal Point: Monstrous Litigation

After a handful of delays, the overall tone of the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong film seems to have gone in a different direction….

You ever get one of those weird ideas in your brain and you just can’t rest until you manage to get it out? Welp, welcome to this week’s comic strip:

I love my monster movies and have been eagerly awaiting the new Godzilla vs. Kong. Thanks to a silly typo the other day, I found myself faced with Godzilla v. Kong, a decidedly more litigious sounding adventure. The worm was placed in my head, and I found myself compelled to draw it out.

Which works out pretty well considering SDCC@Home and the Summer Gaming stuff this week gave me little time to draw. As such, a one panel comic was both practical, and helped rid my brain of this stupid idea. This should tide me over until we (finally) get a trailer for this film we should have already watched.

Hope you enjoyed this one, which now marks our second month in a row since returning! If you did, be sure to check out last week’s comic strip, as well as all the previous ones!

Also, you can hit up our YouTube Channel where we’re starting to post speed videos of how the comics are drawn.

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Jordan Maison
Editor-in-Chief: Writer and cartoonist who went to college for post-production, he now applies his love of drawing, movie analysis, filmmaking, video games, and martial arts into writing.