Focal Point: Twice the Pride, Double the Fall

This week’s edition of the Focal Point comic strip gets a little spooky and sometimes it’s just best to admit when it happens…

I am not a fan of the horror genre. Not that there aren’t plenty of horror games/movies I love (I’m always down for engaging stories). I just hate being scared. I don’t do well with it and it’s something of constant amusement to my girlfriend (who LOVES horror movies):

With The Last of Us being one of my favorite video games of all time, I’ve been eagerly diving into The Last of Us Part II as much as possible. That said, I’m still not a fan of being scared, which happens quite a bit in this game. Hell, I accidentally flung the dog off my lap during a particularly unexpected jump scare!

Again, this has provided my girlfriend with no end of laughs. Yet, even as the scares continue to pile up, I can’t seem to stop playing. Though I admit to waiting an inordinate amount of time outside of doors/entryways psyching myself up because I JUST KNOW something scary is going to happen on the other side.

Hope you enjoyed this one, which now marks our second month in a row since returning! If you did, be sure to check out last week’s comic strip, as well as all the previous ones!

Also, you can hit up our YouTube Channel where we’re starting to post speed videos of how the comics are drawn.

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Jordan Maison
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