Focal Point: First Date Conversation Piece

It’s always best to be upfront and honest about your interests during a first date in this week’s new Focal Point comic!

I have no idea what I would do on a first date these days (blessed haven’t had to worry about that for a few years), but I imagine I wouldn’t hold much back:

Thankfully, my girlfriend and I have been together for over seven years, but you best believe our first date put just about all my nerdiness on display. We went to go see a movie (obviously) in which I managed to TALK the entire time through it. To this day, she contends she has no idea what happened in the film (World War Z) because of me talking about nerdy shit all throughout…

Somehow, through all that, she agreed to go on more dates. And all these years later, even though she is clear about her hatred for Star Wars, she’ll take pictures of the toy aisles at the store in case I need something. So yeah, letting the nerdiness out turned out pretty great for me!

Much as I love the idea for this comic, I can’t take the credit. The bug in my brain came from a buddy online whose Twitter feed is filled to the brim with hilarious Star Wars themed jokes.

Hope you enjoyed this one! If you did, be sure to check our last comic strip as well as all the previous ones! Also, you can hit up our YouTube Channel where we’re starting to post speed videos of how the comics are drawn.

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