Focal Point: Big Britches in Alola

This is particularly true of kids playing video games as they seemingly conquer the computer AI with ease, they feel they can then take on the world.  To be fair, however, this is exactly what games are designed to do; make the player feel like a badass who can do anything, especially stuff they wouldn’t be able to in the real world.  As it is every parent’s duty, sometimes you have to put the kids in their place…

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My boys are a hoot and the idea for this comic strip actually came about way earlier this year.  Last Christmas, they got new Nintendo 3DS systems, along with copies of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.  Yep, we’re a Pokemon family through and through, and during their adventures and the various creatures they caught in the game, the confidence in their Pokemon trainer skills grew to massive proportions.  

With the recent launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon (which you can check out my full review), I thought this was a great time to revisit my previous comic strip idea.  I’ve been a Pokemon fan/player since the original release in 1996 and have continually strived to be the very best, like no one ever was.  As such, I rarely battle with the kiddos in order to spare them the pain of defeat.  My reluctance has only emboldened their belief in having “superior” skills.  At some point I’ll have to take ’em down, but for now I’ll let them enjoy the ignorance and live out my epic takedown in the comic strip. 

Also, for the record, drawing pregnant Holly is kinda fun.  I have a few doodles in my sketchbook (which you’d be able to see some if you’re on my Patreon) of preggo Holly and it’s neat to play around with.  Despite getting more an more uncomfortable (she only has about seven weeks to go), she’s been a good sport about it all.  The cup you see in the cartoon is actually filled with ice, which happens to be the strangest and longest lasting craving she’s had throughout the pregnancy. 

I hope you enjoyed this new Pokemon themed comic strip and will join me the next time around.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my Patreon for all my art related stuff, where you can get the first look at the strip well before everyone else, work-in-progress updates, and exclusive prints.  Until next time!


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