Geek Pick of the Week: Visions From the Upside Down

To help get you in the spooky spirit, Del Rey is releasing a brand new art book dedicated to Stranger Things, and it happens to be our Geek Pick of the Week!

My house is very much a Stranger Things house. Pretty much everyone, aside from the toddler, gets in on the fun of the show and devours all the latest content related to it. On top of a pair of great novels set in the Stranger Things universe (Suspicious Minds and Darkness on the Edge of Town), I personally love the “coffee table” style books. 

Last Fall gave us Worlds Turned Upside Down, which offered an impressive behind the scenes look at the show and story. This month (October 15th), brings us Visions From the Upside Down and all new art book that’s packed to the brim with impressive pieces: 

More than two hundred artists, drawn from the earthly dimensions of comics, illustration, fine art, videogames, and animation, have come together to bring us a unique vision of the world of Hawkins, Indiana. Come dig into this collection of more than two hundred brand-new images and see what new worlds you might discover lurking just beneath the surface.

The book itself offers full page (8.5×11) images, so it’s on the bigger side, which is ideal for all of this artwork. Coming in at 240 pages, it is absolutely STUFFED with incredible imagery. The whole point of the book is to offer up art based on the series from a variety of styles, so there isn’t much text in there. What is there are some quotes from the various artists about what they were trying to achieve/inspiration. 

The result is a gorgeous art book that you can flip through at your leisure and remark upon the styles presented. It does an excellent job of featuring a HUGE variety of styles. From the simplistic to realism, comic, and more esoteric designs, just about every style of art can be found in this book. It offers a neat snapshot at the influence this show has had for other creators and the binding/pages in the book do an excellent job of showcasing them. 

If you enjoy Stranger Things, as well as art work that’s stunning (truly, there’s a part of me that wishes I could cut some of these pages out and frame them), then there’s no reason to pass up on Visions From The Upside Down.

As the Holiday season approaches, we’re bringing back our Geek Pick of the Week. Each week leading up to Christmas, we’ll be highlighting a cool product we’ve found that we feel would be the perfect gift for geeks of all kinds. Use these to help fill in your own wish list or find the perfect gift for the nerds in your life. Click HERE to read more about previous Picks of the Week!

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